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5/8 inch
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SKU# L07
Lanyard Style Tubular
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Lanyard Width

1 inch 25 mm
Standard 12 mm
3/4 inch 20 mm
5/8 inch 15 mm
1/2 inch 12 mm
3/8 inch 10 mm
1/4 inch 7 mm

Lanyard Length

Small 30 inch
Standard 36 inch
Large 42 inch
Extra Large 48 inch

Lanyard Quality

Standard Standard
Premium Premium

Printing Style

Laser Printing Laser Printing
Screen Printing Screen Printing

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Product Description

Upgrade your lanyard game with our custom tubular lanyards, the revolutionary solution that combines style, strength, and reliability. We craft our polyester lanyards with precision. These tubular lanyards redefine convenience and durability.

Tubular Lanyards’ Unparalleled Durability

We design our tubular lanyards to withstand the rigors of daily use. These custom lanyards are made from high-quality polyester threads, solid and resistant to fraying or unraveling, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Superior Style Custom Lanyards

Stand out from the crowd with our custom tubular Lanyards' sleek and modern design. Their cylindrical shape adds a touch of elegance to any outfit or event, making them the perfect accessory for professionals, students, and event attendees.

Customized Tubular Lanyards’ Versatile Functionality

Our Tubular Lanyards are more than just fashion-forward. They offer practicality. With a sturdy build and a comfortable fit, these lanyards securely hold your ID cards, keys, or other essentials, keeping them within easy reach at all times.

Featuring a blend of affordability and versatility, tubular and custom-printed lanyards are an excellent choice for various lanyard needs. Produced from cylindrical stitched polyester, these lanyards can be imprinted with any unique design, text, or logo.

Rest assured that your tailored design remains intact on the tubular lanyards. Each tubular lanyard we craft passes a stringent manufacturing process to ensure a durable and impressive product you and your organization will wear with pride.

With our tubular lanyards, you achieve high-quality, lasting design without burning a hole in your pocket. Their durability and custom design will give no hint of their cost-friendly advantage.

Experience the next level of lanyard innovation with our custom tubular lanyards. Order in bulk today!