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5/8 inch
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SKU# L015
Lanyard Style Reflective
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1 inch 25 mm
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Small 30 inch
Standard 36 inch
Large 42 inch
Extra Large 48 inch

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Product Description

Increase safety and visibility with Wrist-Band's uniquely designed reflective lanyards. These lanyards, made of polyester with a high-visibility reflective strip in the middle, serve dual functions - they securely attach ID cards, and in high-risk environments, their reflective material significantly enhances visibility.

Applications of Reflective Lanyards

Reflective lanyards are typically utilized where safety is a paramount concern. Be it airports, construction sites, or emergency personnel at work, they rely heavily on our reflective lanyards to ensure safety. The reflective material is similar to a safety vest, which brightly reflects any light that comes into contact with it.

Our reflective lanyards are crafted with the end user in mind. They're not just designed for safety but also for convenience and comfort. The design ensures that ID cards securely attach to the reflective lanyards, keeping them readily accessible with minimal interference during work.

In traffic safety situations, reflective lanyards are of immense help, too. Their reflectivity helps draw attention, guiding drivers and pedestrians around the wearer, making these lanyards a critical safety measure during dusk or dawn or in low light conditions.

Reflective Lanyards: A Smart Safety Investment

Investing in custom reflective lanyards is a simple, effective precaution against potential safety hazards. The reflective material helps increase the visibility and the safety of the personnel who wear them by providing a bright and unmistakable alert to others in the vicinity, especially in low light or night-time situations.

Choose Wristband's reflective lanyards for a trustworthy solution to your safety and visibility needs—because nothing matters more than the well-being of your personnel.