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5/8 inch
Lanyard Preview
SKU# L014
Lanyard Style Cord
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Step 2: Choose Lanyard Size

Lanyard Width

1 inch 25 mm
Standard 12 mm
3/4 inch 20 mm
5/8 inch 15 mm
1/2 inch 12 mm
3/8 inch 10 mm
1/4 inch 7 mm

Lanyard Length

Small 30 inch
Standard 36 inch
Large 42 inch
Extra Large 48 inch

Lanyard Quality

Standard Standard
Premium Premium

Printing Style

Laser Printing Laser Printing
Screen Printing Screen Printing

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Product Description

Custom Cord Lanyards

Introducing Wrist-Band’s versatile custom lanyards: the trending accessory for your name badges. Made from high-quality materials, including polyester, nylon, woven, tubular, binary, reflective, and two-tone, these lanyards offer durability and reliability.

Personalized Custom Lanyards: Materials, Colors, and More

Choose from a one-color style or a vibrant full-color sublimation to make the cord lanyards pop. With thickness options of 5/8 inch, ¾ inch, or 1 inch, you get to decide the leisure and comfort of your lanyard depending on the weight of the badges.

Monitor the length according to your client's needs by selecting small, standard, large, or extra large (30 to 48 inches). Choose from standard to premium-grade lanyards that can hold your name badges elegantly.

Share your message, logo, or clipart on the lanyards to amplify your brand's visibility. With attachment options like a single clip, open-ended, or dual clip, you can guarantee the safe holding of the badges.

Cord Lanyards Attachments and Upgrades

Upgrade your cord lanyards with features like a flat plastic breakaway, plastic buckle, individual bagging, phone attachment, badge reel, and keychain.

We also offer an array of lanyard badge holder options to enhance the utility and convenience of your cord lanyards. Your name badges are not just meant to hang around; they are designed to make a statement and leave an impression.

Stand Out with Custom Lanyards: Durable, Stylish, and Unique

The practicality of these lanyards, combined with the full-color customization, means lanyards will never be lost in a crowd. Make your name badges the center of attention by displaying them on our custom-created cord lanyards.

Secure your badges with well-crafted cord lanyards that will serve you for years. Accentuate the appearance of your badges and take your brand to a whole new level. So why wait? Opt for our Wrist-Band’s durable, stylish, personalized cord lanyards and let your badges shine.