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SKU# L02
Lanyard Style Polyester
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Lanyard Width

1 inch 25 mm
Standard 12 mm
3/4 inch 20 mm
5/8 inch 15 mm
1/2 inch 12 mm
3/8 inch 10 mm
1/4 inch 7 mm

Lanyard Length

Small 30 inch
Standard 36 inch
Large 42 inch
Extra Large 48 inch

Lanyard Quality


Printing Style

Laser Printing
Screen Printing

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Product Description

Looking for a lanyard that combines durability, comfort, and customization? Look no further than our Polyester Lanyards! This polyester lanyard epitomizes style and functionality, making it an excellent choice for individuals and businesses.

Unmatched Durability
We engineer our Polyester Lanyards with soft, tightly-woven polyester threads that guarantee exceptional durability. It withstands the toughest conditions, ensuring it remains intact and reliable no matter the situation.

Supreme Comfort
The soft polyester material of our Polyester Lanyards provides unmatched comfort during prolonged wear. It feels gentle against the skin, preventing any irritation or discomfort. Enjoy a hassle-free experience, whether wearing it for an event, conference, or everyday use.

Limitless Customization
With our Polyester Lanyards, complete customization is at your fingertips. Our high-quality silk-screen print technology lets you personalize it with any text, design, or logo you desire. Promote your brand, showcase your creativity, or add a personal touch to make a lasting impression.
Represent your style and brand with our Polyester Lanyards. Order yours today!