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Fully customize your shot glasses & shooters

Discover the world of custom drinkware at Wrist-Band. Our category offers an array of shot glasses, from sleek clear designs to unique frosted and glow-in-the-dark options. Perfect for events, branding, or just a fun addition to your collection, each glass is a canvas for your creativity. Design your custom piece today and elevate every toast!

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Custom Shot Glasses

Design and order custom shot glasses for your home, workplace, or a special event to throw the ultimate party!

Personalized Shot Glasses for Special Events

Personalized shot glasses add a memorable touch to any occasion, from wedding favors and bachelorette parties to corporate events. Whether you give every attendee a shot glass or purchase a bulk order of printed shot glasses for your event, you can guarantee your guests will have a great time!

Custom Shot Glass for Your Restaurant or Bar

A collection of shot glasses is great for branding your business, especially in the service industry. Customize shot glasses for your patrons to share a drink any time they come into your restaurant or bar, and provide a unique experience any time they order liquor. Personalize the experience by adding a simple touch to each glass in your establishment. This can easily be achieved by incorporating your business name and logo.

Design a Custom Shot Glass at Wrist-Band

At Wrist-Band, you can quickly design the perfect glassware for your event or establishment. Simply choose the glass color, size, desired quantity, and color, upload your logo or artwork, and select the print position for any text or visuals. We carry standard shot glasses, shooters, frosted colors, and funky glow-in-the-dark options. Choose a traditional clear glass, or get as flashy as you want!

Shop Custom Shot Glasses at Wrist-Band Today

From downtown bars to wedding parties, there are many opportunities to cheer with a custom shot glass! Start creating the perfect custom shot glasses for your business or upcoming event today.

F.A.Q. Got questions?

What types of custom shot glasses does Wrist-Band offer?

Wrist-Band offers a diverse selection of custom shot glasses suitable for various occasions and business needs. Our range includes standard shot glasses, shooters, frosted colors, and unique glow-in-the-dark options. You can choose from traditional clear glasses to more flashy designs, perfect for any event or establishment.

Can I personalize shot glasses for special events or my business?

Absolutely! Personalizing shot glasses is our specialty. Whether it's for a wedding, bachelorette party, corporate event, or for your restaurant or bar, you can customize each glass with your logo, artwork, or any text. This personalization adds a memorable touch to any occasion and enhances your brand's presence in a fun and unique way.

How can custom shot glasses from Wrist-Band benefit my event or business?

Custom shot glasses serve as excellent keepsakes for special events and as branding tools for businesses, especially in the service industry. They offer a unique experience to your guests and patrons, making your event or establishment stand out. Plus, they're a fun way to promote your brand or celebrate a special occasion.

What is the process for designing and ordering custom shot glasses from Wrist-Band?

Designing and ordering with Wrist-Band is easy and efficient. Simply select your preferred glass color and size, choose the quantity, upload your logo or artwork, and specify the print position for any text or visuals. Our user-friendly process ensures you get the perfect custom shot glasses for your needs.

How long does it take to receive custom shot glasses from Wrist-Band?

The production and delivery time for custom shot glasses may vary based on the design complexity, order quantity, and current production schedule. Wrist-Band is committed to providing a timely turnaround, with specific delivery estimates available upon order placement. We aim to ensure you have your custom glasses ready for your events or business use without delay.